“I have found in the course of our joint services that I think right when I think with you.” - Thomas Jefferson to John Adams

2582Curtis Greve and Jerry Davis, were the principals of Greve-Davis, and were pioneers in the field of reverse logistics and today are recognized thought leaders in their industry. Today, Curtis and Jerry are heading up TMG Recovery Services, a company that specials in capital asset auctions and liquidation of unwanted consumer goods on the secondary market.  Curtis and Jerry have been working in the field of liquidation, auctions, and reverse logistics since the birth of the industry in the 1980’s.  Together they have over 60 years of experience in the industry.

TMG Services provides their customers and clients the benefit of their real-world, reverse logistics, liquidation, and auction experience.  They are innovators in return center development and operations; third-party, vendor, andunion contract negotiation; liquidation rate improvement; and software selection, design and installation.  Depth and breath of knowledge with over 50 years of experience in reverse supply chain management, this is why Greve Davis is widely considered the premiere reverse logistics consulting firm in the world.

Our History

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In 2008, Curtis Greve started his own consulting firm with a vision of providing solutions that would add significant value to companies by improving their reverse logistics capabilities and maximizing the value of assets in the reverse logistics channel.  In 2010, Jerry Davis joined Curtis to form Greve Davis – The Reverse Logistics Experts.  Together, Jerry and Curtis have over 50 years experience in reverse logistics, third partylogistics management, contract negotiations, returns operations management, and product liquidation.

Today, our solutions enable Greve Davis clients to  increase profits by improving return center operations, increase liquidation recovery rates, improve returns policy management, and maximize the benefits of outsourcing.  Clients include third party service providers, liquidators, retailer, manufacturers, and distributors.  All have unique issues with returns and significant opportunities to improve their bottom line by improving their reverse logistics capabilities.

Our Value Proposition

Studies have confirmed that companies that are best-in-class in returns processing, spend five percent of total sales less on processing returns than does their competition.  Studies have also found that these companies have a 93% customer satisfaction rating, which is twelve percent higher than their poorer performing competitors.  How do you develop the best-in-class reverse logistics processes that can add five to ten percent to your bottom line? One step at a time, and we can show you how.

The processes, techniques and best practices shared with ourclients have benefited Fortune 500 Companies around the world. We have over 50 years of combined experience working with leading retailers such as Walmart, Target, CVS, Giant Eagle, Macy’s, Best Buy, Kohl’s, John Lewis Dept Stores, and Canadian Tire. We have also worked with leading manufacturers like Dell, HP, Philips, Sony, Acer, P&G, 3M, GSK, Roche, and NIKE just to name a few. Our work with these companies enabled them to significantly improve profits by identifying areas where money was falling through the cracks in their reverse logistics pipeline, improve customer relations, and improve relationships with their supplier community.

For fresh, innovative reverse logistics solutions that will improve your profits contact Greve Davis at info@grevedavis.com.